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The Legal Bit and Privacy Notice

Veri Coco Company Policy and Mission Statement

Veri Coco is a registered partnership. 

Veri Coco is a pole, aerial arts and movement provider, catering to adults (18 years +) of all abilities. Veri Coco sets out to deliver, safe, effective, inclusive and fun pole, aerial arts and movement classes for people of all ages, backgrounds, shapes, sizes, identities and genders. All subcontracting instructors are first aid trained, fully insured and certified/trained to deliver their chosen discipline(s) to current industry standards. Our goal is to offer alternative fitness classes that build strength, grit and body confidence in a comfortable and fun, positive, welcoming, diverse and inclusive social setting in activity venues in Greece (Corfu), France (French Alps), USA and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Data Protection

Veri Coco is complying with data protection regulation. When signing up with us, none of your details (email address and phone number) will be passed on and we do not spam you. Your personal details are stored securely on our server and will never be kept for longer than necessary. This means that if you decide to no longer book with us, we will not keep your details on file. 

Upon joining us for a trip, we will ask you for an emergency contact whose details we will keep on file for the duration of your trip, and these will not be passed on. 

We’re not a fan of unnecessary marketing communications. We do have a newsletter for each specific trip, which we use to communicate important details about your upcoming trip. Please notify us if you'd like to be removed from our trip mailing list, although you may find you will miss out on vital info. Please note that you still receive emails from BookWhen regarding your bookings, i.e. when you book into a workshop or photoshoot as part of your trip. You can manage these within your email server and BookWhen user account. Occasionally, we may need to text you. This would be in the event of any urgent communication, like letting you know that your bus transfer has changed desks outside the airport.

By participating in trip photography/videography and/or by hashtagging photos on social media with #vericocotrips, #thepolefitnessacademy #vericocopole or any other affiliated hashtags, you hereby release all rights to Veri Coco for promotional purposes, unless otherwise explicitly stated by yourself.

You may not film or photograph anyone other than yourself without explicit consent. Please be mindful of others’ right to privacy, and check in with your fellow trip mates if they’re happy to pop up in the background of your photos/videos. At times, your instructor may photograph or film elements of the class to upload to social media, please do let them know if you prefer not to feature on Veri Coco or any affiliated social media.

If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with us.

Trip Offers, Itinerary and Pricing

Veri Coco reserves the right to change its offer, itinerary and pricing. Notice will be given of any changes, where possible. In the event of cancellation of a trip on our part, we aim to give at least 2 weeks notice and offer full refunds. At times, we may have to change trip itineraries at short notice to accommodate bad weather for example, which we will inform you about via text if you are booked on. 

Informed Consent 

When booking on a trip with us, our booking system will prompt you to disclose any relevant medical information, as well as contact details and an emergency contact. When registering for a trip with us, you do agree to participate with informed consent. Participation in all of our trips and activities is entirely voluntary and at your own risk. We reserve the right to ask for clearance by a medical professional prior to participation in workshops, depending on pre-existing medical conditions. The minimum age for participation in any of our trips is 18 years. You will be advised of the hands on spotting nature required in some of our workshops as they occur. Please let your instructor know if you prefer not to be spotted in workshops.
Veri Coco does not accept any liability for loss or damage to personal property stored at any of our trip premises, or while in transit. 
It is your responsibility to hold the relevant travel insurance to cover you for the duration of your trip. 

Cancellation Policy

Unless otherwise stated at the time of registering for any trip with us, you will be issued with the relevant trip cancellation policy upon settling your deposit payment. 
In the event of us having to cancel a trip, we will endeavour to leave as much notice as possible and offer transfers to alternative dates/destinations, or full refunds. 

Participation in Trips, Workshops and Conduct

You can only participate in trips and workshops if you have registered and paid for your space. Please be respectful of fellow class mates, the venue and your instructor, this includes refraining from teaching fellow students or otherwise endangering yourself or others. If your instructor finds you to be in breach of any of the above, it is their right to ask you to leave the session without a refund. It is your responsibility to wear appropriate clothing to safely take part in sessions, and to remove jewellery and chewing gum, as advised by your instructor.

We trust that everyone participating in out trips is a responsible adult who knows their own limits in training and holiday-ing and behaves respectfully towards the environment, local people, culture and customs and your hosts. 

We do not allow spectators in class unless they chaperone a participant.

We foster a supportive atmosphere among participants and have a strict anti-bullying policy. We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of vulnerable adults who we may work with. If you suspect that someone is being abused and they are in immediate danger you should ring the Police on 999. If you are concerned about any of the trips or services we offer at Veri Coco you should contact our Safeguarding Officers Sharon and Sam  on or via 07759476023.

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