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Training Trip Essentials

Check out our top tips below on what to bring, how to prep and get the most out of your pole/aerial travel extravaganza!

Body Positive

Prep the Bod

Depending on how hard you want to train while on holiday, start ramping up your classes from once to twice a week from about 3 months prior. Train both sides (sorry haha!).

Colorful Sellotapes

Emergency Stash

Grab some kinesiology/ sports tape if you're worried about your calluses ripping. Arnica gel can help with bruises and swelling, especially if you're training aerial disciplines for the first time. 


Prep the Hands

Calluses! Let them build before camp by increasing your training about 12 weeks before heading out. 

Woman on her Tablet

Phone Storage

You will be filming a lot of stuff and taking pictures of a lot of stuff :) 

Nothing more annoying than running out of storage two days into your week-long camp.

Woman with Suitcases

In your Bag

Pack a little massage ball or even your foam roller if you feel that self massage helps you in your recovery. Some painkillers might also be a good shout!

White Wine

Make a List

Grips, training outfits, pole wear, photoshoot gear, kneepads, wrist protection, notepad - write down all the things you like having with you for the best training sessions.

Other Useful Tips

Aside from ensuring you can train hard, here are also a few hints and tips for the whole training holiday going as enjoyably as possible :)

Food Photography

Food Stuff

Check in with camp organisers in good time about any requirements you have, for example allergies. Good idea to bring your supplements and protein powder if you use them.

Lens Close Up


Location shoots are very different to studio shoots, you may have less time and you're out in the elements. Prep your poses accordingly to make the experience fun, easy and uplifting for yourself!

Above the Clouds


Generally, the further in advance you can book your flights, the cheaper they will be. Ensure you communicate your flight deets to your trip organisers so they can sort your transfers.

Woman and Dog on Hike


Research the area for fun stuff to do outside of camp activities, especially if you're staying a few days extra. Camp organisers will also have great insider tips on what to do!



If your trip comes with a choice of workshops, ensure you book your spaces as soon as possible to avoid missing out!



There's a lot of stuff involved with training camps. Make sure you hold the relevant travel insurance prior to heading out, and ensure you obtain the Ts and Cs from the organisers so you know what happens if stuff happens.

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